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The following is an outlined map of Twism's suite of features that are included in the business dashboard.



Start Guide

The start guide is to help you to understand what the next steps are in setting up your program and creating campaigns to engage with new customers and your existing customer base.

Need Help?

A list of some articles to help you get a written understanding of how your program works and how you can increase customer acquisition and retention with the Twism platform.


My Tools

Welcome Coins

Welcome Coins are a great way to make a first impression, give a welcome gift to new customers and get your business into their digital wallets. Offering Welcome Coins is perhaps one of the cheapest and most powerful digital marketing tools you could use to promote your business. Learn more.


Offer Coins are Twism's new approach to offers as they can be redeemed for one-time promotions, limited offers, birthday gifts, and special deals. Learn more.

Sell Coins

Selling Coins via Twism is a modern replacement for antiquated methods of issuing, promoting and redeeming gift cards. By selling Coins, customers can pre-purchase your business’ Coins to either use later or gift to their friends and family, just like a gift card. You can even create purchase deal campaigns by offering an incentive of bonus Coins for customers buying your Coins. Learn more.

Referral Program

Twism's referral program offers you the opportunity to reward your customers for spreading the word about your business. This feature has the power to help promote your business and attract new customers while simultaneously incentivizing them to jumpstart their progress towards earning rewards. This feature is only available for online businesses with a connected provider. Learn more.

Invite Customers

This feature is only available to online businesses that are connected via Shopify or Wix. It enables you to invite any customers in your existing ecommerce site database that have not yet joined your Loyalty Rewards Program, and you can incentivize them to join with some free Coins. Learn more.

Email Automation

Email Automation enables Twism to automatically send professional emails on your behalf, designed to convert new customers or retain those who are already a member of your program. Learn More.

Social Rewards

Social Rewards enables you to reward your customers for following, liking, and sharing your brand’s social media profiles. This is a great way to strengthen your exposure on social media while rewarding your most loyal customers with Coins for sharing your brand. Learn more.

Social Media Assets

With our collection of templates and our post editor tool, create beautiful social media posts about your Loyalty Rewards Program, Coin selling program or discounted offers to share on social media with your customer base. Learn more.


Loyalty Program

Program Status

Quickly understand the health of your Loyalty Rewards Program and its connection to the credit card networks. If there are any connections that seem to have failed, please reach out to our team at

Rewards Rate

Easily configure your program with a Rewards Rate that makes sense for your business and keeps your customers engaged and coming back for more. Choose what percentage your customers will earn back in Coins on each purchase. (i.e. 10% back in Coins). Learn more.

Refund & Return Policy

Set up your refund policy as a layer of protection so that Coins are only activated after your refund period has expired. Learn more.


The Twism Loyalty Widget is a small interactive window on your online store or booking site that allows customers to engage with your Loyalty Rewards Program. It enables customers to claim, earn and use their rewards in real-time. Customize your Widget’s color and welcome message to better match your brand, theme, and tone of voice! Learn more.


My Customers

Twism provides you with a list of customers that have engaged with your Loyalty Rewards Program, along with relevant data on each customer including total money spent, customer Coin balance, total Coins awarded, last visit, total number of visits, and more. Learn more.


Business Metrics


Your performance overview is a quick snapshot of the health of customers and all the activity of Coins in circulation. Get a quick sense of your active customers, inactive customers, Coins in circulation, and more. Learn more.


Your activity page provides some quick metrics and recent records of customers’ interaction with your program and active campaigns. Learn more.


Lists and records of any recent activity of customers paying with Coins. Learn more.


Business Settings

My Business Profile

Edit your business profile information including your business name, category and website attached to your account. Learn more.

Branded Coin

Choose what your self-branded digital Coin will look like! We recommend using your business logo, Instagram avatar or any other relevant image so customers can easily recognize your brand. Learn More.

Manage Team

Optimize the flexibility of managing your account by inviting your general managers, marketing directors, and other employees as team members to your Twism Business account. Learn more.

Manage Locations

If you own or operate multiple brick-and-mortar locations of the same brand, you can add all of these locations to your Twism profile to unify your Loyalty Rewards Program. Learn more.


Synchronize and extend your Loyalty Rewards Program by seamlessly connecting to ecommerce platforms and payment services you already use. Learn more.

Business List

If you own or operate multiple companies, you can add them all to Twism and easily move from one account to another, all within your Twism business account. Learn more.


Personal Account Settings

My Account

Edit the personal details like name and email attached to your Twism Business account. Learn more.

Change Password

Change the password to your account.

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