Managing a Single Brand with Multiple Locations

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Note: Managing multiple locations is only available for businesses that operate in-person at a physical location.

If you own or operate multiple brick-and-mortar locations of the same brand, you can add all of these locations to your Twism profile. All settings, Coins, Loyalty Rewards, will apply to all of the locations under the same brand. However, in contrast, Offers can be programed to be eligible only for specific locations.

This means that Coins earned by a customer at location A can be redeemed at location B. However, if you manage multiple brands on Twism, their settings, Coins, Loyalty Rewards, and Offers will remain completely separate.

To add additional locations, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Twism dashboard
  2. Click on your brand name in the top left corner
  3. From the drop down menu select Manage Locations
  4. To add a new location select Create New Location
  5. Enter the phone number, address, and Merchant ID (optional) of your new location.
  6. Click Save

To add more locations, repeat these steps.

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