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This area of your Twism dashboard is the heart of your Loyalty Rewards Program. In the following sections you will configure important settings and rules to successfully reward your customers with your business’ branded digital Coins.

Branded Coin

As part of designing your branded digital Coin, you’ll need to select a Coin name, image, and background color.

We recommend setting your Coin name as your business name or something related to your business. Think of this as the equivalent of your social media handle on Twism. Coin names can only use lowercase, hyphen, and numbers (0-9). Please note that you CANNOT change the name later.

Your Coin image should be something recognizable and associated with your business. We recommend using your business’ logo. We also recommend avoiding the use of low resolution images or images of people (this is not meant to be a profile picture of the owner/manager).

Lastly, select a background color from the options provided to best match your branding.

To set up or edit your existing Coin image, log in to your Twism dashboard and click on your business name in the top left corner > My Branded Coin and follow these steps:

  1. Enter your Coin name
  2. Select a background color from options provided
  3. Click to upload an image or drag and drop the file directly into the box on right.
  4. Using the slider below the image, select how much to zoom. You can also click and drag on the image to move the position and select a background color of white or black if you upload a .png file.
  5. Click Save


Rewards Rate

To set up your rewards rate, log in to your Twism dashboard and go to My Tools > Loyalty Program > Rewards Rate. This is the percentage of Coins customers will receive based on their order total.

Here you will see the following modal to set up your rewards rate.


Select a rewards rate from the list of provided options, or type in a custom amount that suits your business. (Remember: 1 Coin = $1 in value)

Pro Tip: When configuring your rewards rate, it’s important to consider a balance between your customers’ satisfaction with their incentives and your business’ financial needs. When selecting your rewards rate, you may consider factors such as average order value and profit margins.

Refund & Return Policy Settings

Note: If your business is primarily a food/drink or service-based business that does not have a returns policy, we highly recommend setting this as Instantly: No waiting. This way your customers receive their Coins immediately after purchase confirmation, without delay.

However, if your products are subject to returns and exchanges, then we want to make sure customers do not receive their Coins until after your return policy for the items they purchased has lapsed.

For instance, if you own a shoe store with a return policy of 14 days and a customer earns your Coins on their purchase, those Coins will not be available to them until after the 14 day period has lapsed.

To set up your refund and return policy go to My Tools > Loyalty Program > Refund & Return Policy.

Here you can choose from a few set options, or enter a custom time frame.


Program Status

Your program status will indicate the current state of your program's ability to reward customers with Coins upon making a purchase with a linked credit or debit card.

If your business operates In-Store, this screen will show the status of your program's connectivity to the credit card networks. Ideally all of these appear as Active.

However, in certain cases, the status of these connections might appear as Partially Active or Failed, indicating a disturbance in one or more of the card networks' connection to your program. In cases like this, please contact us in effort to resolve it.

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