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The following are items and settings that should be in place in your Twism dashboard and website prior to activating your Loyalty Widget and launching your Loyalty Rewards Program.

Note: This only applies to businesses that operate online and are connected with one of our supported ecommerce integrations (Wix, Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce).

Loyalty Program

Your Loyalty Rewards Program is configured in the first few steps of initial onboarding of your Twism business account. Each of the following items is required for your customers to successfully earn, track, and redeem Coin rewards with your business online.

Rewards Rate

Your program’s Rewards Rate is the configuration that determines what percentage customers will earn back in Coins for every purchase. This is one of the first settings needed in launching your Loyalty Rewards Program. This setting is required for your website to properly reward customers after every purchase. To learn more about setting up your rewards rate, see Rewards Rate.

Coin Image

To complete the process of minting your own, self-branded, digital Coins, you must upload a Coin image. Having a Coin image better personalizes your rewards experience to be cohesive with your branding and makes your Coins more recognizable to customers. Your branded Coin image will appear on your website’s Loyalty Widget, as well as in the Twism mobile app (U.S. only). To learn more about setting up your Coin image, see Branded Coin.

Refund & Return Policy

Setting your refund and return policy is required for your Loyalty Rewards Program to be live. If your business does not have a refund policy, simply select “Instantly: No Waiting” so customers will receive Coins upon payment confirmation.

For businesses that sell consumer products that are subject to returns, or simply have an existing refund policy in place, this setting is important to configure for the security of your Loyalty Rewards Program and to prevent customers from gaming the system. By setting your refund policy in Twism, you create a buffer period for customers’ Coins to be activated. To learn more about setting up your refund and return policy, see Refund & Return Policy.

Widget Status

The status of your Loyalty Widget must be in an active state for it to appear on your website and launch your Loyalty Rewards Program. To adjust the status and visibility of your Loyalty Widget, go to Loyalty Program > Widget.

Members Area

Having a tool or area in your website for customers to create an account is required in order for your Loyalty Widget to operate accordingly and reward customers with Coins. The name of this area will vary depending on the ecommerce provider you use.


A Members Area is required for your Loyalty Rewards Program on Twism to operate successfully and for customers to log in, track and redeem their rewards effectively.

For businesses that utilize Wix Stores, it allows customers to view their order status, store their addresses and manage credit cards for faster checkout. For businesses that utilize Wix Bookings, a Members Area enables your customers to manage their appointments.

A Member’s Area can be installed via your Wix dashboard by going to Site Editor > Add > APPS > Member’s Area. For more information on Wix’s Members Area tool, see About the Members Area.


For Shopify, the setting to allow customers to create an account on your website is referred to as “Customer Accounts”. Customer Accounts must be either set as “optional” or “required” in order for your Loyalty Widget to reward your customers with Coins at every purchase. To ensure one of these options has been selected, from your Shopify dashboard go to Settings > Checkout.

For more information on Shopify’s Customer Accounts settings, see Customer Accounts.


For BigCommerce websites, the area for customers to create an account on your website is defaulted and already in place. No further action is required to enable this feature and for the Loyalty Widget to properly appear and operate.


For websites that are hosted by WooCommerce, please ensure that the Membership feature is enabled on your Wordpress website. To turn this feature on, from your Wordpress dashboard go to Settings > General.

For more information on Wordpress’ Membership options, see Decision Guide to Build a Membership Website.

Domain Propagation and SSL Certificate

Domain Propagation is a vital part of utilizing Twism for your Loyalty Rewards Program and for your website’s overall security. Your domain propagation must be complete in order for the widget to appear on your website and properly award customers with Coins.

In addition to domain propagation, your website must have a valid SSL certificate. Your SSL certificate will only be issued after domain propagation is completed. Having an SSL certificate will help ensure that user data is secure, verify ownership of the website, prevent attackers from creating a fake version of the site, and convey trust to your customers. Furthermore, it will avoid problems related to site security and checkout abandonment.

Without domain propagation and a proper SSL certificate, services and apps installed to your website will be affected, including the Twism Loyalty Widget.

Too Many Apps Installed

It’s possible that other applications and services installed on your website can potentially interfere with your Loyalty Widget. This can especially occur when too many widgets have been installed and are present on your website. If you feel this might be occurring on your website, please contact us so we may investigate and advise accordingly with next steps. 

Additionally, if you have multiple widgets installed on your website, please ensure that your Loyalty Widget is not obstructed or obstructing any other widget’s or menu bars on your website. To adjust the position of your widget, go to Loyalty Program > Widget.

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