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The following is an outlined map of Twism’s mobile app.


Your digit wallet is the one place that stores and tracks all of your earned, purchased, redeemed and gifted coins with all Twism participating businesses.

At the top of your screen, you will see your total available balance, which is the cumulative value of coins from all businesses stored in your wallet. Just below that, you will see a total of pending coins which will be added to your available balance shortly. Tap Wallet to view more details. Learn more.

You will also have quick access to:

  • Pay with Coins – use your coins as payment at any participating businesses
  • Send Coins – transfer coins to anyone with an existing Twism account
  • My Offers – view the offers coins saved to your wallet
  • My Cards – view any of your linked credit or debit cards, or add more.
  • My Codes  – view any of your previously generated payment codes for online redemption


Search for nearby and online businesses using Twism, and their exclusive offers by using the search bar and filters related to what you are looking for.

Rewards Club

This section highlights some Twism businesses in your local area and online that offer loyalty rewards when you make a purchase. Learn more.

Coin Store

Purchase coins from some of your favorite businesses to use as payment later, or to share as a gift with your friends and family. You’ll also find amazing promotions and bonuses to receive even more value for the money you spend upfront! Learn more.


View Offers to discover available one-time promotions, limited offers, and special deals from local and online participating Twism businesses. Filter by business category or view available 2-for-1s and birthday offers. Learn more.

Free Coins

Claim Free Coins from nearby businesses in your local area, as well as online businesses you can shop with online. Learn more.

Gift Card

Create and send gifts of Coins to friends and family. You’ll see a record of all of the gift coins you have sent or received, and have the ability to reshare them. Learn more.


Browse for nearby offers using the map to plan your day and visit all of your favorite businesses around town.


Any time you earn coins, receive coins, or someone claims gift coins you’ve sent, you will receive a corresponding notification in the Notifications page accessible by the bell icon 🔔. Learn more.


Tap the profile icon in the top left corner to have quick access to edit any of your profile details, reset your password, view Twism’s terms and privacy policy and contact support. Learn more.

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