Refunds on purchases using payment codes

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When you make a purchase at a retail business, there’s a chance you may later choose to return the item for a refund.

If you used a Twism-generated payment code to pay with coins during the original purchase, then upon making a full return of this purchase, the payment code originally used will now appear as eligible for reactivation within your Twism wallet.

After Twism's system has received confirmation of a complete refund, you will receive a notification indicating that your purchase was refunded and the payment code was added back to your wallet.



This behavior of reactivating a payment code after a refund is only eligible for full refunds. Partial refunds are not supported and will not result in a reactivation of the payment code used.

This behavior is only eligible for transactions through a supported online provider or Twism’s integration with Square. Additionally, codes from Offer Coins are not eligible for this behavior, only payment codes generated from Reward Coins.

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