Did I Setup My Loyalty Rewards Program Properly?

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If you are unsure if you have fully set up your Loyalty Rewards Program correctly, follow this checklist:

Branded Coin

Before continuing with anything else, you will need to create your branded Coin by naming it, uploading a Coin image, and selecting a background color. This will ensure your brand is recognizable and appealing when viewed by customers in the Twism app. To learn how to upload a Coin image, refer to Loyalty Program Settings.

Set up Rewards Rate

Configure your Rewards Rate, meaning decide what percentage a customer will receive back in Coins when they make a purchase. Always remember that 1 Coin = $1 in value. For more information on your Rewards Rate, refer to Loyalty Program Settings.

Choose a Refund Policy

If you are primarily a food/drink or service-based business, Twism highly encourages setting your refund policy in Twism to Instantly. If your business is retail-based, sells consumer products and has an existing returns policy, we recommend setting this up to match your store’s policy. This setting is a security measure to protect your business from fraud and delays the activation of Coins until after your return policy has elapsed. For more information on refunds and return policy, please refer to Loyalty Program Settings.

Check Program Status

Quickly understand the health of your Loyalty Rewards Program and its connection to the credit card networks. If there are any connections that seem to have failed, please reach out to our team at support@twism.com.

Set up Welcome Coins

Welcome Coins are a great way to make a first impression, give a welcome gift to new customers, and put your business in their digital wallet. Offering Welcome Coins is perhaps one of the cheapest and most powerful digital marketing tools you could use to promote your business.

Welcome Coins will be displayed on the Free Coins page in the Twism mobile app when a customer’s location is set to the city of your business. (Note: if you are an online business, Welcome Coins will be displayed regardless of the user’s location) Customers will see that you are giving away Welcome Coins, and claim them with one tap.

For online businesses new customers will be notified of these Welcome Coins via the Loyalty Rewards widget and receive them in the form of a payment code.

For more information, view Welcome Coins.

Activate Loyalty Widget

If your business sells goods online and you have connected your ecommerce website through one of our four supported providers (Wix, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce), then ensuring that your Loyalty Widget is active and visible on your website is vital to enable customers to begin earning and redeeming Coins with your Loyalty Rewards Program.

There is a good chance that your Loyalty Widget was activated upon registering your account. To activate your widget or change it’s status simply

  1. Go to Loyalty Program > Loyalty Widget
  2. Toggle the switch to set your widget to Active

For more information, view Website Loyalty Widget.

Create Social Media Posts

Utilize free templates in Social Media Assets to quickly create social media posts to promote your Loyalty Rewards Program. Our post editor is an incredibly easy to use tool, eliminating the work to design any relevant social media assets from scratch. To learn more about the post editor, refer to Social Media Assets.

Promote your Loyalty Rewards Program

Once you’ve created a social media post using the post editor, share it to your existing customer base via social media. To learn more, refer to Social Media Assets.

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