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Twism's Loyalty Widget is a small interactive window on your online store or booking site that allows customers to engage with your Loyalty Rewards Program. It enables customers to claim, earn and use their rewards in real-time. The Loyalty Widget will only be displayed for online businesses that integrate their Wix, Shopify, BigCommerce or WooCommerce websites.

When a customer first visits your website, they will be notified of your Loyalty Rewards Program with a small message displayed by the widget. Each time a customer makes a purchase, the widget will invite them to your Loyalty Rewards Program if they are a new customer, or issue Coins to their wallet if they are an existing customer.

The widget is a reflection of a customer’s digital wallet with your business. Customers can use the widget on your website to track their balance of Coins, redeem Coins using payment codes, and track previous transactions.

Widget Settings

To access your widget settings in the Twism dashboard, go to Loyalty Program > Widget.

In your widget settings you can edit the:

  • Color of the widget to match the theme of your website
  • Customize the welcome message to match your brand’s voice
  • Adjust the placement of where the widget will appear on the screen.

To learn more about the widget settings, view Widget Customization.

Pay with Coins

To use their Coins, customers will select the option to Pay with coins and generate a payment code to use at checkout.

To view how customers can pay with Coins online, view Paying with Coins.

My Payment Codes

A customer can always find any previously generated payment codes by selecting the My payment codes option on the widget. All of their used and available codes will be stored here for easy use and reference.

My Transactions

In the widget, you can track all of your loyalty transactions including purchases made, Coins received, and generated payment codes via the My Transactions option.

Referral Program

If you created a Referral Program, customers will see a new button in the widget labeled Earn more rewards by inviting people you know.

To learn how to set up a referral program, view Referral Program.

Social Rewards

If you created a Social Rewards campaign, customer’s will see a new option in the widget labeled Social rewards.

To learn how to set up your social rewards actions, go to Social Rewards.

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