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By joining Twism, your business will be promoted on the Twism mobile and web app to our network of users. If your business is a local, brick-and-mortar location, Twism will put you in front of users that are in the local area. Upon registration and launching your rewards program or any other campaign, your business will immediately be listed within the Twism mobile and web app. Any Welcome Coin or Offer Coin campaigns that you create will also be published in real-time and discoverable via the “Explore” tab of the mobile app.

Customers can also view your business profile by clicking on your coin image or searching for your business name. From your business profile, customers can do the following:

  • View their available coin balance
  • View and save available Offer Coins
  • Claim Welcome Coins
  • View their saved Offer Coins
  • Purchase coins for your business and gift coins to friends from their existing balance.
  • Pay with coins

Here is an example of what a business profile looks like in the Twism mobile app:

Business.png  Without_special_coins.png

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