As a customer, how do I use Coins?

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Coins can be earned or purchased from a business, and can be either redeemed for discounts or gifted to friends and family. Each Coin is equivalent to $1 in value.

Earning Coins from your favorite businesses is simple. All you have to do is link your credit cards to your Twism app, and make a purchase at any participating Twism businesses, no different than you would otherwise, and no change in behavior. It’s that easy!

With some businesses, you can even purchase Coins, similar to purchasing a gift card, only without the hassle of carrying a plastic card and keeping track of the balance.

Just like with gift cards, you can also share Coins with your friends and family via any messaging app.

Coins can be redeemed using the Twism mobile app or the Loyalty Widget displayed on the business’ website by selecting Pay with Coins. For online businesses, you’ll receive a payment code that can be applied at checkout. For physical businesses, to pay with Coins you will select the action button to Pay with Coins on the Twism mobile app, then present the redemption screen to your server or cashier. For more information, view Paying with Coins.

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