Why is Twism different from other rewards apps?

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One main reason is that Twism uses digital Coins. Your branded business Coins are a modern replacement for those traditional, antiquated loyalty systems that never seem to work. The issue with programs that use points, stars, stamps and punches is that consumers don’t have a true understanding of what their rewards are actually worth. With Twism, we keep it as straightforward and simple as possible: 1 Coin = $1 (or one unit in the business' home currency). Plus, customers have a better understanding that a Coin is something of actual value that can be spent in some way.

Twism also not only brings state-of-the-art technology to small businesses, but offers a solution for companies that operate both online or in-person.

For online businesses, Twism provides opportunities for brand exposure and promotional marketing by displaying your business and promotions on the Twism mobile app; making you discoverable to new customers. International customers will earn and redeem Loyalty Coins in the value of the currency of the country your business is based in.

In addition to a robust Loyalty Rewards Program, Twism offers a suite of other powerful growth tools and campaigns to help boost sales and increase customer retention.

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