What is a Coin?

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Forever ditch complex and annoying at-the-counter hardware, paper punch cards, and high-friction customer check-ins. Coins are an evolution of digital currency that enables any brand to instantly mint, distribute and reward customers, which never get lost, stolen or misused.

Every business on our platform can create their own digital "Coin", which is your own self-branded digital currency to incentivize loyalty, and which can be distributed and used for a huge variety of reasons:

  • Get your business published on the Twism Mobile App for iOS and Android.
  • Reward consumers with instant Loyalty Coins that accumulate in their wallet.
  • Allow people to seamlessly buy Coins from your business, which they can use later, just like a gift card.
  • Enable people to collect and trade your branded Coins, then redeem them for payment codes.
  • Grow transaction volume by having people redeem their Coins at your brick-and-mortar or online ecommerce store.

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