Does my business pay one dollar ($) as a reward?

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No. Twism will never charge you for rewarding Coins. You will have full control over how you would like to reward your customers based on the Rewards Rate (percentage) you set in the Twism dashboard. (e.g. 10% back in Coins).

Each time one of your customers makes a purchase at your business, they will earn at least a fraction of a Coin, depending on how much they spend and how you’ve set up your Rewards Rate. However, this does not mean that you are charged as a business each time a customer is rewarded Coins or redeems Coins. Your customers will simply accumulate and eventually pay with Coins on future purchases with your business.

Yes, it is true that 1 Coin = $1 in discount value. (Coin value varies for businesses operating outside of the United States) You want to keep this in mind while setting up your Loyalty Rewards Program.

Your only obligation to Twism are related to your participation in the the Coin Network. By joining the Coin Network, you will have full access to features and enable Twism to mint 25 of your branded Coins per week for each of your locations. Even with this obligation, Twism will never ask for your credit card. For more information, view The Coin Network.

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