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Twism has everything you need to attract new customers, generate repeat business and increase sales. And the best part is we’re doing it all for you with NO PAYMENTS REQUIRED!

We’re here to change the landscape of traditional, expensive and ineffective marketing. Instead, Twism has a powerful, unique platform that strives for true results and gets customers in the door.

Why Coins?

Twism empowers your business to create its own currency. Design your branded digital Coin that customers can then spend at your business on future purchases. (1 Coin = $1 in value)

There is no longer the need for confusing points systems, antiquated punch cards, or cashback programs that aren't specific to your business. Your branded Coin can only be redeemed at your business as credit toward the customer’s order total.

In short: your branded Coin is distinctly for your business, and has your customers coming back to you!

How it works

  • Enable Twism to mint 25 of your branded Coins per week for each of your locations.
  • Twism will use these branded Coins to promote your businesses to consumers. 
  • Your branded Coins will be in circulation throughout the Twism network, providing you with added exposure and enticing even more customers to shop with you!
  • Just set up your account, add your features, agree to the terms and you’re all set! It’s free to get started!

What does Twism do with my Coins?

To help promote your business and encourage customers to shop with you, Twism may sell some of your branded Coins in the Twism Coins Store at a discounted price.

This will help promote your business to the Twism network and continue to increase retention and attract new customers.

What are the costs?

No credit card or bank account is needed. Your only “cost” is your cost-of-goods-sold when your Coins are redeemed. In other words, you only “pay” (with your COGS) when Twism actually brings you customers. WIN-WIN!

Example: A customer has a bill of $10 and pays you with 10 Coins. If your COGS is 35%, the actual cost to you is $3.50. AND you’ve earned a happy customer who is likely to continue to visit you again and again!

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