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Your digit wallet is the one place needed to store and track all of your claimed, earned, gifted , and purchased Coins of all participating Twism businesses. At the top of your Twism wallet, you will see your total available balance, which is the cumulative value of Coins from all businesses stored in your wallet.

Using the action buttons displayed in the wallet, you can easily:

  • Pay with Coins
  • Send Coins
  • View your Offers
  • View your linked cards

Below your available balance will be a total value of Pending Coins that will be added to your total balance shortly and Expiring Coins that will soon become unusable.

Navigate through your Coin-holding businesses and check the balance for each in the My Coins tab.

In the Transactions tab, view a record of all your Coin activity including earning Coins, Pending Coins, Expiring Coins, redeemed Coins, and gifted Coins.

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