If it’s free, why link a card?

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You might be asking why it is necessary to add a credit or debit card to your account if Twism is advertised to be free for customers.

To clarify, Twism will NOT charge your card for any form of subscription or membership fees.

Adding a card unlocks access to Twism's exclusive Rewards Club, which is a premium and free upgrade to your account, giving you the opportunity to increase potential savings and includes the annual renewal of our beloved offers. To learn more, view Rewards Club Benefits.

This also enables Twism to seamlessly deliver rewards to your wallet whenever you make a purchase with participating merchants offering a Loyalty Rewards program.

Our system is secure by design. Twism does not retain any credit card data in our systems and our partners use a proprietary tokenization system that does not store card numbers.

Simply link your card(s) once, shop like normal, and earn rewards automatically!

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