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Email Automation enables you to send pre-written, customizable and automated emails to current customers or future members.

Note: At this time, email automation is only available for businesses that are connected with one of our supported online providers (Wix, Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce).

Set Up

In the future, Twism will have various email routines for you to choose from and to utilize. At this moment, our first email routine is Member Acquisition. The email automation feature can be accessed within your Twism dashboard by clicking My Tools > Email Automation.

Member Acquisition

The merchant acquisition routine will send an email to customers who have made a purchase on your website, but have not yet joined your Loyalty Rewards Program. Twism will send these emails on your behalf, in effort to convert customers to become new members. 

To view the full details of how this will operate, select Check this flow. You can then review all of the details of the routine as well as the sending flow.

This routine will send an email to all customers that made a purchase and are NOT yet a part of your Loyalty Rewards Program. One hour after their purchase, Twism will deliver an email to them on your behalf, inviting them to claim the Coins they earned from their purchase. If the customer is already a member at the point of purchase, they will NOT receive an email.

In the flowchart, you will also see an option for an email preview to see what your customers will receive. When a user selects Join and claim my Coins within the email, they will be redirected to your website and be prompted to sign-up via the widget to claim their Loyalty Coins.

When you’re ready to activate this routine, toggle the switch in the top right corner to Active, then click Confirm.

Remember that you can use the toggle button to deactivate this campaign at any time.

Performance Tracking

From the Email Automation screen you can view the performance of the routine by tracking the number of customers invited, new members converted from the routine, and the conversion rate percentage.

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