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Note: At this moment, this feature is only available for businesses integrated with a Wix, Shopify, or BigCommerce website.

The Invite Customers feature allows you to invite any customers within your website’s database that have not yet joined your Loyalty Rewards Program. With this feature, Twism will send an email to customers on your behalf, inviting them to join your Loyalty Rewards Program by incentivizing them with free Coins. This feature has the potential to increase customer retention and sales.

Set Up

You can access this feature by going to My Tools > Invite Customers. You will then see the total number of customers in your website’s database that you can invite to your Loyalty Rewards Program.

Simply click Get Started and the import will begin. 

After a few moments, the import will be completed and you will be prompted to set up your invitation. All that this requires is for you to select the number of Coins you would like to award customers when they join your program. Remember, 1 Coin = 1 unit in value in your country’s currency (e.g. 1 Coin in the US = 1 US dollar, 1 Coin in the UK = 1 British pound, etc.) When you’re ready to proceed, click Review Campaign.

You can then review the contents of your campaign and preview the email that will be sent out to your customers. The email invitation will be sent by Twism on your behalf, address the customer by name, and contain a brief friendly message explaining the program and their initial loyalty reward for joining. 

When you’re ready, click Send Campaign to deploy your email invitation.

You can then track the progress and statistics of your invitations within the Twism dashboard at any time. You will see the send rate, open rate, click rate, and when each customer becomes a member of your Loyalty Rewards Program. 

In the case that you choose to deactivate your campaign, you may do so by toggling the switch in the right hand corner to Inactive

As the campaign is in an inactive status, a banner will then appear at the top of the screen with the number of new customers that are waiting to receive their invitation. Whenever you’re ready, simply toggle the switch back to Active and accept the confirmation modal.

Customer Perspective

When a customer opens the email and clicks Join and claim my coins!, they will be redirected to your website where they can sign up for your program via the Loyalty Widget. Once they are logged in, the free Coins will be automatically added to their digital wallet and they can begin earning loyalty rewards on future purchases.

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