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Twism’s Referral Program offers you the opportunity to reward your customers for spreading the word about your business. This feature has the power to help promote your business and attract new customers while simultaneously incentivizing them to jumpstart their progress towards earning rewards. This is achieved through rewarding Coins to customers who share your business and offering a percentage discount to the person being referred.

Note: To create a Referral Program campaign, your website must be connected via one of Twism’s supported online integrations (Wix, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce) and the widget must be set as active.

Set Up

The Referral Program can be accessed within your Twism dashboard by clicking My Tools > Referral Program. After creating your program, you can edit the settings or deactivate it at any time.

To set up your Referral Program campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Click Create your referral program
  2. Choose between two options
    1. Both customers will earn a reward (recommended)
    2. Only new customers will earn a reward
  3. Enter the amount of Coins you would like to offer to existing customers who refer friends
  4. Enter the percentage discount amount you would like to offer new customers
  5. To launch your campaign, click Create referral program

After setting up your program’s preferences, you can track the progress of your program in the same location within your Twism dashboard. 

Customer Perspective

Upon activating your referral program, your customers will now see a new button labeled Earn more rewards by inviting people you know when they are logged in to the rewards widget.

This redirects to a page within the widget to educate the customer on how it works. They will have the option to share their referral link via Twitter, Facebook, email, or simply by copying and pasting their unique link. 

New customers who receive this invitation will be redirected to your website where they will see unique messaging within the widget informing them that they have received a coupon that can be redeemed immediately upon joining your Loyalty Rewards Program. 

The referring customer can then track their earnings in the referral page of the widget. However, they will not receive their Coins until after the referred customer completes a purchase.

Note: The referred customer is not required to use their coupon on their purchase in order for the referring customer to receive their reward Coins. The referred customer simply needs to complete a purchase on your website after joining your Loyalty Rewards Program.

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