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Twism’s Business Metrics are an excellent way to gauge the health, status, and progress of your program and campaigns. These metrics allow you to compare the performance of different campaigns, determine the success of different strategies, and make informed future decisions. 

There are four different pages within the Business Metrics section that provide insights into each facet of your Loyalty Rewards program: Overview, Activity, Redemptions, and Loyalty Coins.


The overview page provides a snapshot of your Loyalty Rewards Program with the following statistics:

  • Total customers
  • Active customers
  • Inactive customers
  • Customers total spend
  • Coins in circulation
  • Redeemed Coins

Below are three line graphs relating to your program's customer growth, minted Coins reports, and campaign engagement. 

The customer growth graph includes statistics concerning new customers acquired, returning customers, and number of transactions. The Coin reports graph includes statistics concerning your rewarded Coins, purchased Coins, free minted Coins, and traded Coins.

Use the time frame option to see different periods of activity. Use the filters to zero in on the exact data you are interested in. 


The activity page consists of three sections that provide insights into how total spend is generated by Loyalty Rewards members and daily performance metrics for all your active campaigns. 

Customers spend

The first section provides information regarding how much customers are spending. You will be presented with data on the sum of all purchases made by your loyal customers since the day you installed Twism as well as how much customers have spent during the previous month and the current month. 

Click See more details in the bottom right to view a line graph detailing customer spending patterns over time.

Campaign activity

This section provides information regarding recent activity for all of your active campaigns. Select the type of campaign to view some quick metrics related to that program. Use the time frame option to see activity from different time periods.

Customers activity

The third section provides a feed of all the recent activity your customers are generating. Each line item includes the following details:

  • Date 
  • Customer name 
  • Action
  • Initiative

Use filters to analyze each feature’s activity independently. Use the time frame option to see activity from different time periods. You can also search by customer name to see a list of all the activities made by individuals.


This page provides a list of every Coin redemption event that your Loyalty Rewards Program has generated. Each line item includes:

  • Customer name
  • Payment code
  • Code status
  • Number of Coins used
  • Initiative type
  • Date of activity 

You can filter by code status and search by customer name or code. Use the filters to focus your search on specific initiative campaigns. 

Loyalty Coins

Your Loyalty Coins page can be used monitor and manage all Coins that customers have earned via purchase with your business. Each line item includes:

  • Date
  • Customer name
  • Amount of money spent
  • Coins minted
  • Last 4 digits of the card used
  • Payment status
  • Return policy
  • Reward status

Use the filters and search bar to narrow down transactions based on specific time frames, payment status, refund policy status, and loyalty status.

You can also click on a transaction to view details about it's transaction status. If the Coins are still in a pending state, you have control to either Confirm payment to make these Coins available to the customer, or Cancel transaction.

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