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Welcome Coin campaigns are a powerful and inexpensive digital marketing tool to promote your business and attract new customers. Welcome Coins are exactly what they sound like: a free offering to invite customers to your Loyalty Rewards Program and kickstart their progress of earning Coins. Customers are much more likely to make purchases and generate more revenue for your business when they are incentivized with a welcome gift. Essentially, Welcome Coins are a fantastic way to make a good first impression, and drive new traffic to your business.

For customers visiting your website, Welcome Coins will be offered in a welcome message deployed by the Twism Loyalty Widget when they first enter the website, and right before they checkout. This provides you with more opportunities to convert new customers to join your Loyalty Rewards Program.

Note: Welcome Coins offered through the Loyalty Widget will be in the form of a payment code that new customers can apply to their order at checkout.

For customers on the Twism mobile app, Welcome Coins will be displayed on the Free Coins page when the user’s location is set to the city of your business, within the Wallet, and on your business profile. If you are an online business, Welcome Coins will be displayed regardless of the user’s location. This means, your business will be one of the first things customers notice when they open the app marketplace, keeping your business top of mind, and in a way, top of wallet.

Settings and Limitations

With setting up Welcome Coins, you have a lot of flexibility in deciding the limitations of your campaign to create exclusivity and meet the needs of your business. In the Welcome Coins menu, you will decide following:

  • Where you want the campaign to run (Nationwide or Local)
  • How many Welcome Coins to offer each customer (remember 1 Coin = $1 in value)
  • Limit Welcome Coins only to new customers. Customers that claimed once, cannot claim again.
  • Set a total customer limit, or a daily customer limit (optional)
  • An end date for when your campaign will finish (optional)


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