How will my customers receive my coins?

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Once you have launched your rewards program or any other campaigns with Twism, your business will be displayed in the Twism mobile app and web app, where any customer can discover your business and begin earning coins. 

If your business also operates online, you’ll also need to activate the Rewards Widget to display on your website. Customers will then be able to view your active program as well as earn, track and pay with coins via the widget.

Reward Coins

Rewards will be the most common method in which customers will receive coins from your business. With each qualifying purchase, your customers will receive loyalty coin rewards from your business. To set this up, go to Rewards Rate.

If your business sells goods & services from a brick-and-mortar location, customers will earn coins by linking a credit card to the Twism mobile app, and making purchases with your point-of-sale system. If you sell products online, customers will receive their coins via the rewards widget on your website.

Gift Coins

Gift coins are coins purchased from your business. Customers can buy coins either to use later or to send to a friend. Your customers can purchase coins from your business profile in the Twism mobile app. To set this up, go to Sell Coins.

Once you’ve activated this feature and some customers have purchased coins, you can withdraw your funds by linking a bank account. To learn more Selling Coins & Fund Withdrawal Fees.

Offer Coins

An Offer Coin may be the most dynamic coin in your toolkit. They can be one-time promotions, limited offers, special deals, sales, and even used to celebrate someone’s birthday. You can do a percent or dollar amount off and even offer a limited number of Offer Coins. Use Offer Coins to increase traffic on slow days by creating day-specific promotions.

Customers can discover, claim, and redeem your Offer Coins all via the Twism mobile app. To set this up, go to Offer Coins.

Welcome Coins

Welcome Coins are the best coins for jumpstarting some business. Welcome coins bring first time customers right to your business ready to spend your branded coins. 

They can be claimed by customers either within the Twism mobile app, or from your loyalty widget displayed on your website (online businesses only). To set this up, go to Welcome Coins.

Referral Program

If you choose to create a referral campaign, your existing customers can earn reward coins for inviting friends to join your rewards program. The referring customer will only receive their reward coins when their friend joins the program via their referral link and makes a purchase at your business. 

At this time, the referral program is only available for online businesses with the rewards widget activated. To set this up, go to Referral Program.

Social Rewards

You can utilize Twism’s social rewards feature to award customers for following, liking, and sharing your social media profiles on various platforms. Rewards coins will be awarded to all customers who complete the actions that you set. 

The social rewards feature is compatible with all of our online providers including Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. Customers can access social rewards from within the loyalty widget present on your website. To set this up, go to Social Rewards.

Invite Customers (Wix and Shopify)

If your online business is connected with Twism via our Wix or Shopify integration, you have the additional opportunity to invite your existing customers that are not yet members of your rewards program via an automated email.

To incentivize your customer base to join, this campaign will offer them an initial incentive. Please note that this is different from Welcome Coins. Anyone visiting your website can claim your Welcome Coins, while the coins sent via the Invite Customers campaign are only received by customers registered on your website.

To set this up, go to Invite Customers.

Sending Coins Directly

You also have the option to manually award customers with coins via your Twism dashboard. Simply search for the customers in your Customer Center,  click on their name to access their profile, and click to “Award Coins”.

By awarding coins manually, you can select how many coins to issue the customer, and include a message. They will then receive a notification within the Twism mobile app and coins will be automatically applied to their available balance.

If you have any additional questions about how customers receive coins, contact us at

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