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The Coins tab has everything you need to claim, earn, and purchase Coins with Twism. Use the action buttons at the top to view available Coins for Sale, Free Coins, and Loyalty Rewards near you.

Coins for Sale

With the Twism app, you have the convenience of instantly buying Coins (1 Coin = $1 in value) for your favorite businesses, allowing you to use them for future purchases or send them as gifts to loved ones!

Using Twism, you’ll find amazing promotions and bonuses to receive even more value for the money you spend upfront!

To learn more, view Coins for Sale.

Free Coins

Free Coins are as straightforward as they sound—complimentary initial offerings and welcome gifts published by businesses as they invite you to their program on Twism.

These Free Coins represent real value, generously provided by businesses for you to claim without any obligations. Without any strings attached, start claiming Free Coins to accelerate your journey towards earning Loyalty Rewards with participating businesses.

Loyalty Rewards

View participating businesses that are offering Loyalty Rewards on every purchase. Earn Coins effortlessly as you shop with your favorite businesses, and spend them on a future purchase. 

To learn more, view Loyalty Rewards.

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