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The My Customers page includes metrics on your total number of customers, transactions, rewarded Coins, and redeemed Coins.

This page also provides you with a complete list of customers who have interacted with your program via the Twism network. Each customer record includes the following details:

  • Customer name
  • Coins available
  • Coins rewarded
  • Coins purchased
  • Time since last activity
  • Customer status

You can filter the list by customer status and search by customer name. By clicking on the title of each line item, you can also filter by each respective category.

Clicking on the name of each customer will take you to their respective Customer Profile which includes the following information:

  • Date they joined your program
  • Birthday
  • Available Coin balance
  • Pending Coin balance
  • Last purchase amount and date
  • Lifetime Coins earned
  • Total redeemed Coins
  • Average amount spent per transaction
  • Lifetime spent
  • Activity status

You will also see a list of every interaction they have made with your program. Use the tags to filter this activity list by campaign and select a specific time frame. 

Pro-tip: The My Customers page is a great way to get inactive customers re-engaged with your business. After identifying individual inactive customers, you can kindly re-invite them to engage with your business again by awarding them a few free Coins or sharing an Offer with them directly!

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