What happened to Axxess?

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Ben C.

Axxess is proud of what was accomplished, having raised millions of needed dollars for local schools and nonprofits while helping local businesses grow and helping you save money, have fun and find new businesses to support.

Covid threw the world a major curveball and yet because of our amazing team and all of your support we persevered. As we came out of Covid, Axxess decided now was time to rebuild and take things to a new level.

We are extremely excited to do that and introduce you to Twism - our new name and new App!

Twism is a Santa Barbara-based technology company dedicated to helping local businesses deliver great customer experiences while people shop the way they want to shop. 

When you download the Twism mobile app, you’ll receive a complete refresh of all the Axxess offers in your account. Once you link a credit card, you’ll automatically be enrolled in your favorite merchants’ loyalty programs. So, in addition to exclusive local offers, you’ll also start earning loyalty rewards!

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